Why We Should Be Paying More For Green Energy

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Want to know why we should be paying more in taxes for our green energy?

We need to speed up the production of technologies used in the creation of green energy. There are countless reasons why we need to start pushing a cleaner, greener future. Most importantly, we need to be thinking about how quickly we can do this.

The obvious problem is that, in order to move from where we are today to more environmentally friendly sources of energy, will cost money. Lots of money. Where will the money come from? Taxes.

It’s not what you want to hear now but here are 7 reasons why it makes sense to pay now:

Reducing our carbon footprint

Cars, planes, trains… they all add to the carbon footprint. When you factor in your personal footprint it starts to look even more bleak. Looking on the brighter side, companies are working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and personal products. Lower carbon emissions means lower costs on things such as council tax and energy bills.

Speed up the creation of low cost energy

Creating new sources of low cost energy is expensive; very expensive. The more money the government can invest in renewable power sources the faster the cost of production will drop. This means the sooner the energy manufacturers start seeing a return the sooner the price we pay as consumers will drop.

Building a world beating industry

We want low cost energy and we want it now. But what else do we want? How about the UK becoming THE leading suppliers of green energy and technology? The quicker the government invests out taxes in developing industries the more chance we have to take the lead in supplying those technologies to other countries. In return, there are more jobs and opportunities available for the UK workers.

Prevent being held to ransom

We all know that the world’s natural resources are in decline. Security of energy sources is vital if we’re to remain independent and affluent. But you can never guarantee the security of resources that reside overseas. In fact, some companies, such as Shell, are paying warlords and militia to protect pipelines

The more you spend the more you save

Yeah, it does sound ridiculous but, once again, this relates to investing in manufacturers and suppliers. Generally speaking, the more money we invest the less we’ll have to spend to fund our future energy demands. Would you be happy to invest £3,000 today in order to slash your home energy costs by half in ten years time? I would be.

Saving endangered habitats

We all know how much damage oil prospecting does. You may have also hear of fracking (the process for extracting gas) has contaminated habitats. When we destroy habitats we make animals homeless. In fact, some species are being pushed to extinction. That’s bad enough but here’s another view point: how long before we make our own habitats uninhabitable?

Feeling good about ourselves

Lastly, we need to feel good about ourselves. Global warming, recession, war… it’s all pretty depressing. I’m sure we’ll put everything right at some point but a little hope goes a long way. Carrying a little bit of ‘I feel good about my contributions’ goes a long way to putting a spring back in your step.

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One thought on “Why We Should Be Paying More For Green Energy

  1. Hi Mindy,
    Yes, I do agree with you to a point. The problem is that, as with any nascent or evolving technology, time and money are key. Hiring the brains to bring solutions to the table and then turning those ideas into reality costs a lot of money (as I’m sure you already know :)). Have we been short changed by some of the offerings? Probably. Can the solutions we need to secure our low cost energy needs be delivered? Definitely. Who’s going to deliver? Probably the first company that has enough money thrown at the task (as long as they work intelligently).

    I guess it’s down to us, as consumers, to keep lobbying and pushing for the right answers rather than simply watching our taxes being sucked up by loony schemes.