What To Do When You Lose Your Job

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What to do when you lose your job
Image courtesy of Steve Rhodes

This week’s series of money saving articles will be focussed on ways to cut the pain of losing your job. Being made redundant can happen to just about anyone. Unless you run your own business, you’re at the mercy of the P45-wielding, penny pinchers.

A friend of mine recently lost his job. He worked in a bank. Given the state of our country’s finances and the negative views of the banking industry it’s easy to show no sympathy. I ‘m the first to admit that I quite regularly bash the bankers.

Back up for a moment and hear me out. He wasn’t a highly paid broker earning hundreds of thousands per year. His job was in IT administration, the guys that make everything work so that the overpaid bankers can make their gargantuan bonuses.

After commiserating him over a coffee I started to think about ways to save money when the chips are down. His wife works part time. They have a mortgage and a young daughter. Given his skills IT shouldn’t (hopefully) be long before he’s snapped up by another employer. Our conversation strayed to the obvious question, “How can I afford to get by after losing my job?”

As we chatted, I jotted down a list of ideas that he could use to cut the pain of his job loss. This week’s series of posts will feature a selection of tips for anyone who’s been made unemployed and is looking for some money saving tips to ease the pain.

Financial Aid For The Unemployed

It’s day one and we’re going to be looking at the benefits you can claim. I admire anyone that has never accepted any state benefits in their working life. Sadly, not everyone can say the same. In fact, for many with a family it’s nigh on impossible to go through life with taking benefits of some kind. Whilst I don’t see state handouts as something I’m ‘entitled’ to I do think they have their place. I’ve put together a list detailing unemployment benefit eligibility.

Cut Your Mobile Phone Bills

Day two and it’s time to think about your mobile phone bills. I’m not suggesting you should simply drop your contract and sit waiting for your landline to ring. Most experts would say that the first thing you need to do is switch to a PAYG handset and, unless you have a sympathetic supplier, I’m inclined to agree. There are a number of other options for the unemployed to cut mobile phone bills.

Reducing Your Travel Costs

In part three of this series I’ll explore some ways you can cut down on travel costs. Getting to and from interviews can be costly. In fact, just about every form of transport we can use costs money. Let’s take a look at how to reduce travel costs when you lose your job.

Cutting The Fat Away

In part four I’m going to look at ways to cut the fat from your lifestyle. As we move through life there is the inevitable ‘bloat’ that comes with buying things we don’t need. How much do you in your home? As my friend said, “Being unemployed makes me realise how much crap I have in my life that I don’t use”. The horses mouth! Let’s look at reduce clutter in your life.

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