Weird Ways To Make Extra Money

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Strapped for cash but lost for ways to make some extra money? If you stop and look round you’ll be surprised at all the alternative ways to earn some additional income. Let’s take a look at how other people are doing it….

Whittle A Copy of The Ark Royal For Cash

Seriously, you’d be surprised at how much money the arts and crafts industry makes. A study by suggests that those wicker basket weaving wizards contribute about £3 billion to the UK economy. Now tell me that selling arts and crafts isn’t worth the effort!

If you’re feeling creative and you think you’ve got what it takes to be a master craftsman (or woman – PC an all that!) then you need to get crafting. For a complete list of craft fairs in the UK head on over to

Alternatively, show off your flair to a global audience on Pinterest.

Mind (And Cranium) Expanding Drugs

Did it just very quiet in here? Ladies, I’m not suggesting you pimp your bodies for cash (and the chance of a nasty disease). I’d like to reiterate that point for the male readers as well. The NHS needs you!

Take part in clinical trials and earn some extra money. I know that some of you may have heard of horror stories involving clinical trials but don’t panic. The scientists did mange to shrink the guinea pigs, err, patients head back to its normal size…just about.

Joking aside, human clinical trials are strictly regulated, very safe and the pay is good. Besides, having a melon-sized head will make you the talk of the party.

Hedge Trimming Whilst Levitating

Got a skill that people need? No? Are you sure? If you look at what’s being sold on the internet you’d be surprised to find that people are making a lot of money from seemingly useless skills. What about the U.S based cartoon website that earns over $1000 per day. Not bad for selling your hobby.

What can you do? Don’t ever think there’s no demand for your skills. If you can write then write content for websites. If you can design then create wallpaper and backgrounds for computers. If you don’t know how but want to then learn. Which leads us onto….

You Have Knowledge To Impart

Selling your skills is easy but the real money is in teaching others how to do it themselves. Just look at the internet: any skill that can be taught has been wrapped up in a some shiny packaging and is being sold to the masses. You can either get in on the online act or go local.

Here’s an example: a friend of mine is an ex-soldier. During his 12 years in the Army he learnt a lot of skills that seemingly had no value to him as a civilian. Then he discovered that parents and kids alike have a fascination for the great outdoors and so a new business was born. I won’t give you the full ins and outs of what he does – you need to work out your own business ideas.

Become A Black Belt Geek

The world is being slowly devoured by smartphones and their spawn; the apps! Ok, it’s not but iPhones and Android mobiles are everywhere. Blackberry has it’s own applications as well. All of these apps need to be thoroughly tested especially if the application creator’s business is at stake. With that in mind, why not get paid to play games and trial new software?

This FaceBook page lets you sign up to get paid for testing apps. The money isn’t great but it’s better than a kick in the teeth. Besides, you might decide that application coding is for you and launch yourself into a new career.

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