The Ultimate List of Cheap Places to visit in the UK

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Are you looking for a cheap day out in the UK? In that case, you need to check out our ultimate guide to cheap and free destinations around the country.

I spent a fair amount of time mulling over whether I should write up a list of the top destinations. However, after a little bit of searching round the web I came to the conclusion that there are already plenty of excellent guides out there.

I’ve created a list of some of the very best resources I could find. If you know of any others that you think should be on the list then send me an email or leave a comment below with the link. If it’s good, I’ll add it to this guide.

Here we go…

Cheap places to visit in Bristol

Yeah, I did say Bristol! Actually, you’ll probably he surprised at how much there is to see. The official capital of the South West, Bristol straddles the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire. During the 15th century, the city was the second most important in England. Amongst some of the more interesting places to visit include the city museum with its displays of Bristol through the centuries and Ashton public gardens.

Best list of cheap places to visit in Bristol

Cheap places to visit in Cambridge

Originally a Roman settlement, Cambridge has gone from strength to strength. Over the centuries, the city has morphed from a heavily fortified centre of trade and commerce into the world famous university city that we know today. Among Cambridge universities more significant former students include Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton. Going beyond the walls of the university, you can visit Shepreth wildlife park, go on a bike tour or take a punt down the river Cam.

Best list of cheap places to visit in Cambridge

Cheap places to visit in Cardiff

Dating back over 2,000 years, the city of Cardiff owes its creation to the Romans (AD 55 – 60). The city name literally means “the fort on the river Taff”. Significant points in the history of the city include its destruction in the 15th century by Owain Glyndwr’s army, the granting of city status in 1905 and the birth of Dr Who’s arch-enemies; the Daleks. A long established association with sports can be traced back the hosting of the British and Commonwealth Games of 1958.

Best list of cheap places to visit in Cardiff

Cheap places to visit in Edinburgh

The capital of bonny Scotland, Edinburgh is crammed full museums, gardens and events to cater for just about every taste. One of the historical centres of the Enlightenment, the Old Town and New Town districts are listed as UNESCO World Heritages Sites. The old town area has retained many of the buildings that were standing during the Reformation era of history. With over 4,500 listed buildings and 40 conservation areas, Edinburgh is a lesson in how to protect the UK’s heritage.

Best list of cheap places to visit in Edinburgh

Cheap places to visit in Exeter

The origins of Exeter date as far back as 250 BC and is now home to the Met Office. The old industrial areas of the city itself provide visitors with a glimpse of Exeter’s former glories. The city itself also can be used a great launchpad to tourists and visitors looking to explore deeper into the South West.

Best list of cheap places to visit in Exeter

Cheap places to visit in London

As the capital of our fair country, London is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Aside from those world famous cheeky chappies in their black cabs, London contains some of the most historic buildings in the world. From the Houses of Parliament, to Churchills wartime command bunker – there’s an absolute bargain bucket of places to visit. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to see all the sights of London in your lifetime.

Best cheap places to visit in London

Cheap places to visit in Manchester

Now officially classed as our second city, Manchester is another great place to expericnce some of the history and culture of Britain. A former centre of industry and a key port during the years of the British Empire, the city still retains many of the buildings and architecture of the era. Some of the most impressive sights can be found in the old docklands area. Like London, there are a lot of places that allow free or very cheap access.

Best cheap places to visit in Manchester

Cheap places to visit in St Davids

The smallest city in the United Kingdom, St Davids in Wales is the perfect destination for visitors wishing to step back in time. The tiny city centre offers various attractions including the cathedral and the ruins of the Bishop’s palace.

Best cheap places to visit in St Davids

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