Make Even More Money with a Home Business

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Hi, welcome back. Last week I wrote a series of posts about how to eliminate your credit card debt. One of the topics I mentioned was using extra money to snowball debt. So, with that in mind I’ve decided to expand on the ideas.

This week, we’re going to look a little more in-depth at how we can earn some extra income. Firstly, for anyone that has significant debts, this will help you to clear of outstanding loans, cards, etc. Secondly, I’ll be showing you some nice little earners that can earn you some extra cash to put towards a new computer, holiday, clothes or whatever else you want.

This week we’ll concentrate purely on ways to generate some fast cash but who knows where it will take you. Many a business has started as a sideline operating out of a garage or a living room. In fact, one of my former employers started off selling computer parts quite literally out of the back of a van. 15 years later he sold his company for around £60 million quid. Not bad for a bit of hustling.

Now you might think that this will be hard work but that all depends on how much you want. A couple of hundred pounds per month can be made with a little effort. As you move up the scale and work towards even greater sums of cash then you can expect to put in a lot more effort. The choice is yours.

I’ll cover this off later but, before you build a business around your passion, ask yourself what people really need.
Over the next four days we’ll look at a range of ideas to get you started as well as how to find markets to sell to. I’ll also be linking out to some other great resources that will help you go even further and faster than you could have ever realised.

So, let’s get this party started. Day one starts tomorrow (Tuesday).

Tuesday: What does your new money stream look like? I’ll be going through some ideas to help you launch. We’ll look at simple ways to make money and how to scale up into a full blown business. Read more here: Start planning your home business.

Wednesday: Now it’s time to get down to some serious brainstorming. What do you know? How fast can you learn? What are you interested in? How flexible are you? There’s a huge range of opportunities waiting for you and most of them are on your doorstep. For todays post I’ve put together a list of 20 ideas for you home business.

Thursday: By now you should have and idea of what sort of business you want, how much time you to dedicate to it and how far you want to take it. When you first start out you want to keep your expenses to a minimum. In third part of this series on building a home business we’re going to look at a list of free resources for building a business.

Friday: It’s the final day in this week’s series of posts. What’s left to do? Plan for the final days. In todays article we’ll be looking at some of the considerations you need to make as you plan the end game for your business.

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