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K-Jofol was a Winamp plugin that has sadly disappeared. The developer has a number of other plugins over at daz.ne1.net that you might be interesed in.

I’m on a mission to curate as much information as possible on freebies, software and money saving tips which is why I’ve added this page.

So what was the point of K-Jofol? This project was launched with the aim of giving you a selection of skins for the Winamp player. Admittedly, there are already thousands of skins available but the developer wanted that little bit more.

The K-Jofol skin was a cross between a classic and a modern skin. Unlike some other offerings, the skin was fairly light on system resources. K-Jofol had the the added benefit of including freeform capabilities which the majority of modern skins provide. There are some limitations to the skin format which i’ll try to explain elsewhere but in general it’s best to think of K-Jofol skins as freeform classic skins.

That’s it! You can use the link at the top of this post to see some of the other plugins and coding work done by the softwares author.

2 thoughts on “K-Jofol

  1. As far as i remember, i used to play music in K-JOfol in year 2000-2002 in windows 98 environment. Does it still work and play music in windows 7 too?

  2. Hi Tarun,
    I don’t think it does work. The development stopped quite some time ago and I’ve can’t get it working on Win 7.

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