Life And Death Haggling On The African Plains

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Shopping for a deal can be hard work. When it comes to buying very specific products it’s easy to exhaust your options for cutting costs using voucher codes.

So, where to next? Are there other ways to cut the cost of shopping for high end goods? Actually, yes and you’d be surprised how easy it is to bag a bargain. So what’s the secret? Is there a website that offers you all that you could ever need? Probably but I haven’t found it yet. Instead, why not try using the power of ‘Please’?

It’s one word but it carries more weight than you could imagine. It’s a sign of good manners. It shows you’re making a request rather than a demand. Best of all, it usually results in some positive action.

I’m not going to dig up the psychological ins and outs of why ‘please’ works so well. What we’ll be covering today are some simple steps you can use to get a killer bargain. The example I’ll be using today is one of buying a new car but the principles apply across the entire spectrum of goods you can buy.

Look But Don’t Touch…Yet

Going into a car showroom can be pretty exciting. It’s fair to say that, most of you don’t just want four wheels, a motor and a steering wheel. You want that car that fits not only your needs but also your personal taste.

With those points in mind, what’s the first thing that happens in most car showrooms? You walk in, spot the car you like then spend 10 minutes gazing at it. At some point, a salesman, spying a potential buyer, will approach you ask if you need help, right? Slow down, take your time. Browse the length and breadth of the showroom, even if you know what you want. Don’t give them any inkling as to what you’re after.

You may know what you want but if you give the game away too early you’re giving the salesman time to formulate a plan. Keep them on their toes by letting them think you’re just browsing.

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

That’s a quote from Lofty Wiseman. Now it’s time to start showing the salesman that you’re interested in buying a car. Give the impression that you have a number of options (even if you don’t). Take down the details of two or three cars and then let the proceedings begin.

Play your cards close to your chest and don’t give away your preferred car. It may seem counter-intuitive to not dive in and start negotiating a deal on the car you want but there is reason behind my madness.

It’s all about comparing what’s on offer. By selecting a number of cars you get to see how the company approaches pricing and financing. You’ll also be able to compare factors such as fuel consumption, servicing costs, etc. In fact, some of these minor details could make you reevaluate your original choice.

Part Exchange Options

How much is your old car worth. To you, it might be worth thousands. To the car dealer it might be worth a few hundred in part exchange but that’s not a reason to throw in the towel.

Car dealerships have a profit margin on each and every model. The amount you save in part exchanging your old car will go up as the cost of your new car rises. Now is the time to dust off those haggling skills.

Push the salesman (not literally). If you think you can squeeze a few hundred pounds more out of the deal then do so. In fact, even if you don’t think you’ll get a better offer you should still be asking for one. The salesman will probably huff and puff, give some excuse and try to lock you in to his pricing. Don’t falter. Stick to your guns and he’ll probably go and

Now Leap And Sink Your Teeth Into His Unguarded Throat

You’re not a big cat and you don’t live on the African plains so please don’t try to kill the salesman. Assuming you know what you want and you’ve been through a number of options in the showroom it’s time to pounce. With profit margins in mind, push the salesman to give you the best deal going. So, if you’re offered 3,000 in part exchange on a quote for a top of the range model tell the salesman you want to same offer on the car that you really want. Got it?

What are the chances you’ll get the discount you want? To be honest, you’ll probably hear even more mutterings of, ‘we need to make a profit’, ‘….competitively priced…’, etc but don’t release the death grip just yet. Stay firm. Another trip to the boss will be made and a new offer will be thrown on the table.

At this point, you need to decide how far you want to push your haggling skills. Ultimately, the final word is ‘No!’ and the savings may be worth a little more effort but the choice is yours. At the end of the day, you need to feel that you received the best offer you could get. The showroom needs to make some profit and the salesman wants his commission.
Happy haggling!

Ok, it’s all a bit tongue in cheek. On a more serious note, if you’re committed to saving yourself some money then you need to try and negotiate a deal at every opportunity or be prepared to lose money.

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