How Devious Companies Use Hamsters As Fishing Bait

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Please don't put me on that fishing hook!

Would you like to pay for your neighbours heating bills? If so, then avoid moving energy suppliers at all costs!

How much are you paying to keep your home warm and cosy? £1,000 per year? More? How would you feel about paying not only your bills but your neighbours as well? You’re already saying that you don’t have the money to do that but new research suggests that you are indeed keeping the house next door toasty in the depths of winter.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that home owners are being overcharged to fund energy companies cheap deals. It’s bad enough having to pay your own bills but this has to be the biggest kick in the back boiler yet.

So, what else can you pay for to make other peoples lives easier? Here’s a run down of 5 other ways you can help people you have never met to save more money.

Pay Their Car Insurance

In the same way the energy companies fleece you to keep their new customers happy, the insurance companies have realised that existing customers are a massive cash cow. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself why your first year premium with a new insurer is so cheap.

Do your homework and sniff out some deals for yourself or continue to let the insurance industry gently tug at your cash dispensing udders!

Water Rates

Did you know that every year about 50 billion gallons of water simply ‘disappears’. That’s a trick Paul Daniels would happily put his name to. The network of water pipes in the UK is antiquated and has more holes than Swiss cheese. About 12% of your water rates are quite literally being flushed away.

Time to go on the offensive. Sign this petition for the elimination of water shortages or continue to watch you money go down the drain!


I commute 50 minutes each day. Tickets cost me over £4,000 a year. What does my money go towards? Bonuses for the train company bosses are up even though the cattle truck I travel in has no windows or air conditioning! Driving into London isn’t really an option (besides, once you’re there you spend most of the time dodging colour blind Boris bike riders).

If you don’t want to spend hours squeezed into a carriage with no seats then maybe you should give your local train company a nudge by signing the seat provision on trains petition.

Car Fuel

This has to be one of the biggest bones of contention for motorists. If your local council isn’t putting up pointless traffic light systems that cause more delays then the fuel companies are doing their best to make driving even more miserable. Goodbye ‘Driving with Miss Daisy’, hello exorbitant fuel costs and the twitching eye lid of impending insanity.

The government has backtracked on a couple of fuel duty hikes but that doesn’t you should stop slavishly pumping money into the government coffers. Make sure you keep an eye open for petitions against future duty rises and sign them.

Pay For Someone Else’s Rent

Is it really possible to pay for someone to live in a better house than you? Yes, if the local councils have their way. A recent report stated that Newham council in London was offering Stoke-on-Trent council money to place residents in rental accommodation. Apparently, the government doesn’t give them enough cash to home people in expensive houses!

A new phrase has been coined: social cleansing (and it has nothing to do with giving your neighbour a bed bath).

What About The Hamsters?

Energy companies have used cute animals to fish for customers since the year dot. Did you get hooked?

Note: No cute, furry animals were harmed during the making of this post!

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