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A little while ago, I talked about how you can get fit at home for free. Today, we’ll be adding a few more ideas with this fat burners home brewed crib sheet.

Christmas has long since passed us by. New Years resolutions have been made (and probably broken within a month). Between you leaving work in the run up to Christmas and heading back in early January something strange happened.

During the holidays, the crafty, little fat monster paid you a visit. Every night, whilst you slept, it quietly administered a little injection of ‘padding’ to your waistline. Not much at a time but it all added up.

Before Christmas you felt trim and healthy. But, courtesy of that night-time devil, you now feel bloated. Your clothes are tighter. Your body is deformed! It’s the end of the world.

Resolutions Come and Go

“I will keep on top of my finances”. Broke that resolution the first day back a work.
“I will sign up for on evening classes to further my career…soon”. Hmm, we’ll see.
“I will lose weight”. Probably the oldest one in the book.

Every January, there’s a tidal wave of new customers waiting to joining groups such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers, etc. I understand that, sometimes, it’s good to have support in your efforts (I’ll talk about that later) but do you need the expense?

There are cheaper ways to lose weight and here are my top 5 recommendations. Each one is supported by some data I’ve gathered from websites such as the NHS, Runners World and Slimming World. I’ve also added some links for you to check up (just in case you think I’m bluffing)

Get On Your Bike And Ride

It sits silently in the garage or the shed. Dust gathering on it’s frame. You try to push its existence to the back of your mind but it’s always there; lurking, ready to pounce. When it finally gets you, a breath of fresh air rips through your body, literally. Your bicycle is waiting.

I know, it’s all very dramatic but how many of you bought a bike (maybe many moons ago) with the intention of getting fit? You may have had other motives such as simply saving money on transport. Either way, it doesn’t matter because now is the time to redeem yourself.

Pound for pound, cycling is one of the safest ways to get your body back in shape. Low impact (unless you ride into a tree), it’s placing less strain on your joints than certain activities do.

Calories per hour:Varies massively. For a person of average weight traveling at between12Mph and 14Mph you will burn between 560 and 650 calories per hour.

The Patter Of Not So Little Feet

I’m not talking about children’s feet. Like cycling, walking is a great way to burn off the calories. Obviously, the effort you put in will be reflected in the amount of weight you can lose. Walking half a mile into town and back isn’t on the same scale as four hours walking over the Brecon Beacons (ah, the good old days). You get out what you put in.

Calories per hour: Travelling at 4Mph you’ll burn roughly 400 calories in an hour. If you pick up the pace you’ll burn more but after about 5 Mph you’ll be in the jogging zone.

Exercise Machines

You’ve probably seen these on channels like QVC. Home exercise machines come in many shapes and forms. Regardless of how they’re marketed they all have one main aim: to burn calories.

Thanks to www.freecycle.org you’ll never to need to buy gym equipment again. The exact ‘torture device’ you want might not be available. Don’t let that stop you as, with a little thought, your exercise routine can be varied.

Calories per hour: It all depends on what type of equipment you’re using. NutriStrategy have table showing you how many calories various activities burn off.

One of the most effective fat burners is a cross country skiing machine which will use up between 490 and 650 calories per hour.

Runners Nipple

It’s 0500 and I’ve just shut the front door behind me. No, I haven’t brought in the milk: I’m off for a run. Insanity? Maybe. The perfect time to get out for a run? Definitely (for me).

Don’t panic. I’m not suggesting that you get up that early to go for a run. It suits me as I have a busy day. I like to eat my lunch at lunchtime. I like to spend time with my children on an evening which means I’m left with few options. That said; for me, it’s a great time to run.

Running is one of the fastest ways to lose weight: fact. Sadly, many people are reluctant to give it a shot. Some of you may be embarassed about how you look in sports kit. Some of you might think that your slow running will open you up to ridicule. Who cares? You’re here to get fit not listen to the doubters.

Calories per hour: Massive variations. Running up stairs for an hour can burn over 1200 calories but is incredibly hard work. A 6 mile run at 6Mph will burn off between 704 and 817 calories.

Home Brew Exercises

If hitting the gym isn’t your thing and you’re not ready to join those crazy road runners you might as well just give up now! Of course I’m joking. Did you really think you were going to get off that lightly?

Going to the gym and heading off for a run during daylight hours might be a little bit too much for some you. Insecurity about your figure and the thought of kids making snide comments is enough to put most people off. Whilst I would suggest you just ignore the looks or whispered digs I know some of you will simply refuse to go out.

Home workouts are the answer to your pain. Buy an exercise machine, invest in some kettle bells (I love these – killer workout) or buy some weights. Whatever your thing just get on and do it. Start burning those calories, sculpt your body like the ancient Greek warriors. Next time you hit the road in your lycra running gear it’ll be envious eyes on you as beat down the pavements.

Calories per hour: Varies. A 40 minute kettle bell workout can send as many as 900 calories to the big burger bar in the sky!

Resolutions Aren’t Just For The New Year

The final tip isn’t about any particular form of exercise; it’s all about you. You can make a new Year’s resolution but how long will it really last? Be honest with yourself. A week? Two weeks? A couple of months?

Fact: a recent survey by HighBeam, gym showed that every year around 28% of New Year’s joiners let their membership lapse. Will power is overrated. If you going to commit to losing weight and getting fit make a resolution every day of the week. Write it out, put it in a prominent place that you’ll look at on a regular basis. However you plan to get lose weight and get fit: just do it (repeatedly)

Calories per hour: Almost limitless but it’s down to you to keep those daily resolutions.

The New Year may have passed up by some months ago but, before you know it, the day will be here again. Why not stick to your exercise regime, fight the fat and save money?

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