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Free and Cheap Ways to Burn off Fat at Home

Christmas is gone. Time to dust off the implements of torture and build yourself a home money saving workout!

How Many Calories Does Gardening Burn?

If you don’t like the thought of physical exercise regime but you have a garden you’re in luck. An hour of gardening will burn off between 120 and 350 calories. This amount will vary depending on the effort you put in. If you don’t have a garden but you’re still interested in flexing your green muscles then why not try a little Urban farming. Join groups of like-minded people and invest your time in growing food as part of a group effort.

For a list of local urban farming groups take a look at CityHarvest.

Wii Fit Plus Console Calorie Burners

The Nintendo Wii is probably the finest example of a games console for the family. It’ll keep the kids entertained for hours and, after they’re in bed, it’s your turn for some serious fat burning.

The Wii Fit is a great way to get yourself fit without every stepping outside the front door. From aerobics through to timed races against an electronic counterpart; there’s something for everyone.

It may not be as effective as putting on your trainers and heading out into the great unknown but every little helps.

The Wii Fit+ site has more information.

Fat Burning Workout DVD’s

Jane Fonda in a leotard might not be your thing but that’s fine. Just about every celebrity under the sun has launched a workout DVD.

Beginners through to experts are catered for so there’s something for everyone. If you’re not sure you’ll like the DVD see if you can borrow one from a friend first. Failing that, Cosmopolitan has some excellent reviews on all the workout DVD’s.

Bodyweight Exercises For Fat Loss

If pumping iron isn’t your thing, then why not use your bodyweight as a weapon against the excess pounds? A simple routine consisting of squats, burpees, press ups, dips and stair climbs will be enough to get you started. Like any exercise routine, take it easy to start with. If necessary, book an appointment with your GP for a checkup.

Now, for any of you that might think bodyweight exercises won’t pay off, the guys and girls over at might disagree with you. If you’re lacking inspiration take a look at for some ideas.

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are another simple yet highly effective way of staying in shape. They look like giant elastic bands with suitcases handles attached to them. In fact, that’s exactly what they are.
Bands come with different resistance levels i.e. a blue band typically provides the same resistance as a 5kg dumbbell, red 10kg, etc.

Lightweight and portable, they won’t clutter up your house like a set bars and plates.

Kettle Bell Exercises

Kettle bells are a very effective way of melt those excess calories even though it looks like some kind of medieval torture device. The kettle bell was originally used by the Russian artillerymen in the Crimean war as a means of staying fit and strong which is why the apparatus looks like a cannonball with a handle.

A decent 40 minutes training session can work off up to 1200 calories (based on a one hour session). More info here:

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of training ideas to be found at Don’t be put off by all the images of finely sculpted muscles – we all have to start somewhere.

More Sedate Ways To Stay In Shape

If big, sweaty workouts aren’t you thing then there are plenty of other ways to keep in shape. You’ll burn fewer calories but, done regularly, they’re enough to shift some of the excess left over from your Sunday roast.

Washing the car will burn off around 234 calories per hour.

Vacuuming and mopping your house will burn off around 114 calories per hour.

Ironing will burn off around 114 calories per hour.

*Figures courtesy of

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