Geeks Show You The Way To Save Money

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If geeks were money saving experts what would the world look like?

The digital age and the concept of money saving tips for the frugal aren’t easy bed mates. The march of technology is relentless. With every new giant leap there’s a price to be paid and it’s normally a heavy price. Take something as ‘simple’ as the iPhone: you can pay a painfully high tariff or stump up about £500 for a PAYG handset.

What if being a bit of a geek could save you money? Would you immerse yourself in the world of bits, bytes and Teraflops? Would you refuse to wash for weeks on end and consume life threatening quantities of Red Bull just to finish the latest shoot em up game?

Joking aside, a little bit of geekery can go a long way. Here are a few of the technological leaps that have made life easier and cheaper.

There’s No Need To Steal WiFi Anymore

Ever had some dastardly interloper hook up to your home WiFi and download some questionable content? I know it couldn’t have been you because we already know that’s Debbie’s escapades in Ewing country is dated and poorly made (apparently).

Free WiFi is everywhere. You can get it in the library, you can get it in a coffee shop, you can get in the town centre. You can even tether you mobile phone to your laptop and download until your little, geeky heart sings. For a list of the UK’s WiFi hotspots, check out

Pirating The Latest Games Is For Naughty Schoolboys

When I was a boy, smoking behind the bike shed was all the rage. Now, pre-pubescent entrepreneurs are running multi-million pound pirate games empires! In fact, they don’t even need to burn illegal copies of games – the market is second hand goods is huge.

Why would you want to even consider buying a ripped off game? Are you going to get your money back if the DVD hangs your computer? Yes, games are expensive when you buy them new but you can cut the cost (and avoid some playground fisticuffs) by downloading from Steam

Your iThing Is Just A Lump Of Circuitry

If you feel I’m being unfair to Apple, simply insert your choice of smartphone. Never has the world been so convincingly hoodwinked than the day the smartphone industry geared up to rule our lives. £500 for an iPhone, £400 for the latest HTC Android handset; where does it all end?

It’s not an Android killer but Skype does an excellent job of giving you free calls. Sure, you’l need an internet connection but, as you know, free Wifi is available everywhere. In fact, Skype is now available for most smartphones. Grab a cheap android mobile phone and start saving.

Say Goodbye To Rupert Murdoch

Here in the UK, we’re quite restricted when it comes to satellite TV. We’ve got Sky and, err, that’s it! I’m not knocking it; the selection of programmes is enough to keep even the hardest of hard core TV fanatics happy. The problem is that it ain’t cheap and Rupert isn’t in the mood to cut prices.

So, where can you get your latest fix of movies on the cheap? Hulu should be the first port of call if you’re looking for programmes that have been shown on CBS. has an ok selection of older movies but, if you want the latest from Hollywood then form a DVD club, group buy and share.

Turn Your Tablet Into A Culinary Wizard

Cooking for yourself or your family can be so tedious. How many times have you made a menu list for the coming week only here cries of, “We had that last Tuesday”? Morphing from your day job into a culinary wizard looked so simple when you mother did it.

Haven’t you heard? We’re in a booming age of technology. 3D TV’s, search engines that decide what colour pants you wear and tablets. If you’re really can’t think of eating anything other than baked potatoes for the fourth time this week then you need some serious help. Fortunately, apps such as Jamies cooking app and Tesco recipes are available for both the iPad and Android devices. Give your taste buds a treat.

New Age Travellers Holiday Tips

It wasn’t so long ago that holidaying abroad was expensive. A relatively short vacation in the Americas would set you back thousands of pounds and there was no way you were going to hop over to Barcelona for £15. Sir Freddie Laker started the revolution and others following suit.

When was the last time you paid a visit to a travel agent on the high street? How many did you have to visit to find the right deal? How many pairs of shoes did you wear out in the process? The dark labyrinth that is the internet has made life so much easier. Online sites such as and let you go native on the cheap.

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