Free Office Software For iPad Owners

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There’s no denying that, currently, the iPad rules the tablet roost. Young pretenders abound and Google Android-based competitors are the biggest threat to Apples dominance. But what about office software? There are a number of paid options out there for the iPad but who really wants to fork out money when you can get your hands on some pretty cool, free office apps?

I’ve done some research and picked out the current cream of the free office software crop for your iPad.


For a freebie, this has to be top of the list! Evernote is so much more than many of the paid pieces of software out there. Like many of the office automation applications available, Evernote lets you edit text files, make audio notes and create tags based on your geographic location. The really cool part about this software is the automatic synchronisation tool. Install the application on your PC, MacBook or iPad, connect to the web and let all your docs synchronise across all devices. Very nice.

Key Features:
Online storage for your docs in the Evernote cloud or offline using the Evernote client only.
Free storage up to 60MB.
Synchronisation of documents between devices that have Evernote installed.
Available for Apple, linux and Microsoft Windows.

Get it here: EverNote

Dragon Dictation

In my eyes, there’s on thing that lets the iPad down – the keyboard feature. Personally, I find it incredibly hard to touch type when there are no F and J markers to aid in positioning my hands. I know there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards out there but the whole idea of the iPad’s minimalist approach.

Cue Dragon Dictation. This is one of the must have apps for anyone looking for an ultra mobile solution. Dragon Dictation is a cut down version of the award winning Dragon Naturally Speaking (which currently retails for about £149, upwards). Needless to say, the iPad app doesn’t have the full features of the paid version but do you really need it?

I run Dragon Dictation on my iPad Classic and ti’s an app that I will rave about for years to come.

Key features:

Voice to Text
One touch voice recording
Easy export of your text files to email, notes, etc

Get it here: Dragon Dictation


The Moleskine app is probably the perfect solution for anyone wanting the simplicity of a notepad but with a few added bells and whistles. This iPad application is based on Moleskines idea of creative thinking on the move.

Whilst it’s not likely to replace a full blown office software suite, the Moleskine app does handle a number of complex task with ease (and a bit of flair). One of the features I do like is the ability to add justified images into the document – something that been missing from notepad-type applications since time immemorial.

Another interesting feature the ‘map my thoughts’ tool – geo-tag your notes with a single click (don’t forget to turn off the power leeching GPS when you’re finished).

Get it here: Moleskine at iTunes.

Ok, that’s a brief intro what are some pretty amazing free office apps for the iPad. I’m going to put together a full review (with pretty pictures) and I’ll come back and update this page soon.

3 free office apps for your iPad (both Classic an version 2). Check back to soon – I’ll be doing a more detailed review of each.

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