Free Films: How To Kick Murdochs Prices Hikes In The Nuts

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sky tv Not long ago, getting a copy of the latest blockbuster for free was a pretty poor experience. Many movies were pirated using video cameras tucked into a cinema goers pocket. All you ended up with muffled acoustics and the endless silhouettes of viewers unable to hold their bladder passing by every two minutes!

Amazingly, some people still put up with this! But why? Getting your hands on a free movie is easy. Download it, stream it, borrow but whatever you do stop paying for crap pirate copies.

So where is this media goldmine that would keep even the hardest hardcore movie fanatic going? Let’s take a look.

Google Video

Ok, some of you might have had enough of Google and it’s insidious tentacles but you can’t beat them for finding online movies. If it’s on the web and it can be indexed then there’s a good chance you can watch it.

The beauty of the using Google Videois that, if there’s any issues with copyright, they’re liable (lucky they’ve go billions of dollars in the piggy bank).

Indie Movies Online

Imagine all the film noir and cheap horror flicks assembled in one place for your delectation. Got an image in your head? If so, it probably looks like (try saying that when you’re eating your fish and chips in front of the TV – without spitting).

This site is quite literally a dumping ground for just about every independent movie production you can think of. If you’re an action movie fan, don’t get too excited – there’s a reason some of them are on an indie label!



Personally, I like but it’s like my grandmother – a little behind the times. The movies are free but they’re not the most up to date offerings so don’t expect to be dazzled by this year’s blockbuster any time soon.

Blinkbox is a great source of older films. I’m a fan of the old black and white movies that seemed to have disappeared from the television but are still available on this site.

Preview Screenings

Now this has to be the ultimate way to catch a free movie. Simply sign up for emails alerts and you’ll be sent updates on the latest preview screenings. Be warned: you might have to travel to get the cinema as I don’t think they hold many advanced viewings in the Truro Palais!

If you’re itching to see ‘Rambo 5: The Fight Against Arthritis’ before your friends then sign up to or

Something More Underhand

Do you have children? Do you like indulging your inner child with a regular binge of kids movies? Then you need to hit the matinees. Again, these aren’t the latest films to be released (the matinee viewing tend to come round a few months after the initial release) but they are a cheap way to see a kids film.

Expect to pay nothing (as long as you’re an adult and you are accompanying at least one child). If you don’t have children offer to look after your mates kids for a day (Despicable Me is hilarious).



Ah, Hulu! How I love you. has been around for a few years now. Thanks to their partnership with some of the biggest names in film entertainment, they have a phenomenal selection of free movies that you can watch online. Again, the movies are the very latest offerings out there but you can’t beat a bit of mindless flogging a la Master and Commander.

One feature that I do like is Hulu’s queueing system. Simply select a list of movies you want to watch, queue them up, buy huge quantities of popcorn and get very fat in a marathon viewing session!

Crackle is another great source of free to view movies. Like, some of the offers might be a little old for some viewers liking but, hey, it’s free. If you fancy watching a newer release you can always rent a copy for a massive 99p!

Crackle has a couple of flies in the ointment: the list of movies available in the UK is a bit limited and you also have subject yourself to mind numbing adverts!

If you haven’t heard of then you really have been missing out. The site is most famous for archiving as much of the web as possible but they have a nice little sideline in movies archives.

Most of the films you’ll find on there are pretty old but it’s a great place to start your nostalgia trip. Check out their movie archive.

Now, if that’s not enough to give square eyes then I recommend you suggest some more free movie sites in the comments section below.

That’s all for today. More money saving tips and ideas coming soon.

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