Coffee Shop Employees Emptied My Bank Account

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Unless you work on a farm in the middle of nowhere, your daily trudge to work is an advertisers dream. Every step of the way offers us a dizzying array of places to quench our thirst, grab a bargain or stop for something to eat. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? After all, some of you may work in a Starbucks or a cafe. The problem is that a lot of us are pretty much skint!

Freshly Brewed Coffee Or A Decent Holiday
Have A Little Nibble (With Your Coffee)
How Much Does Your Breakfast Cost
Die Hard Lunch Habits
Drowning In App Soup
Lunch Time Reading Habits

Figure released in December 2011 show that around 3.5 million people were considering payday loans. That was just to cover the cost of Christmas! How did it get so bad? We can blame the bankers but I’m not going to debate that topic right now. The bottom line: your daily ‘luxuries’ might just be leading you into the financial knackers yard. Here are some rough figures I’ve put together that show how much money you’re wasting over the course of one year.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Or A Decent Holiday?

Simple, day to day pleasures like your morning latte may seem like small change but the cost soon adds up. On average, you latte will cost you about £2. If you have one cup per working day you’re looking at an average £460 per year (assuming you have 6 weeks holiday per year).

Have A Little Nibble (With Your Coffee)

Do you want a little snack to go with your coffee? The daily hustle that is our work lives seems to eat into every waking hour that we have. How often are you late home from work? Do you regularly skip breakfast because it’s easier to pick up something to go with your coffee? If so, here’s some more gloom…

How Much Does Your ‘Breakfast on the go’ Cost?

Add another £2 per day and the total comes to a whopping £920 per year. Regardless of how much money you earn that figure could buy you a decent holiday.

Die Hard Lunch Habits

Lunch time is another chance for you to cut the chain that ties you to your desk. What’s the first thing most of us do? Rush out and buy something to eat. Pub lunches are cheap and, usually, they fill you up. Can you afford £3 – £5 for today’s special? Probably.

The Cost Of A Twice Weekly Pub Lunch

Like your morning coffee and mobile breakfast, the cost of a cheap pub lunch is quite literally small beer You can probably afford to eat out on a couple of times per week but what’s the real cost? Assuming 2 pub lunches a week at £5 a go, you’re adding up to a minimum of £460 per year!

Drowning In App Soup

Just because you manage to avoid the temptation of the high street that doesn’t mean you’re safe. Do you own a smartphone? If so, you probably know that Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc each have their own application stores. On demand entertainment has never been so accessible.

What’s the cost?

Fortunately, most of us don’t buy applications on a daily basis. Whilst I have to admit they are a great way of idling away the some spares hours the cost can soon mount up. Even £10 per month soon adds up to £120 per year.

Since I first bought an iPhone about 2 years ago, I’ve downloaded about 10 apps. The total cost of my ‘indulgence’ has been about £25. Not a massive drop in the ocean. The problem comes when application addiction turns bad. One of my friends convinced himself that he needed every app that could ever be invented. One month later he had 6 screens of applications. All well and good if you use them but he didn’t even know how half of them work! For that one month alone, his total spend on apps: was about £127.

Lunch Time Reading Habits

Just about everything you could ever want to read is now online. The problem is that to read it you either need to take a computer or tablet with you or download the documents for later reading. That’s where magazines come in handy. The information in them might not be up to the minute content but they fill the gap but how much does a magazine cost? On average, about £2 – £3.

How Much Do Your Reading Habits Cost?

Assuming you’re buying 2 magazines per week, you’re looking at a minimum of £104 per year. If you’re a regular reader then it might be time to invest in a subscription. Sign up for a year and you could save up to £35 off the cost of your literary indulgence.

Got any money saving tips? Let me know in the comments or see the Contact Us page and send me email. If your idea is good I’ll turn it into an article and give you credit. Alternatively, why not write and article and email it to me?

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