Have you Picked Your Next Holiday Destination?

Well, there’s no doubt that the long awaited British summer is here, so who’s up for a holiday abroad? I don’t want to sound too cynical but we’ve had a couple of gloriously hot days with rainy showers hot their tail so I’m not counting on a scorcher this year! From time to time we at MoneySavingZone do a bit of digging around the web for sites that may be of interest to our readers. Today, we’ve dug up a nice little site that specialises in vacation travel deals. mingled in the middle. Continue reading

Save Money On Petrol

How to Save Money on Petrol

Believe it or not, the price of fuel is slowly climbing – even during this economic downturn! It’s probably a good time to save money on petrol as some service station prices have jumped by as much as 20%! You could start to compare fuel prices from different sources but first you’ll need to get to grips with a few other ideas.

A little while back, we ran a small article on the cheapest petrol price where we recommended filling up on a Friday. This time we’re going to look at few more ideas.

The reason petrol prices are climbing is simple: demand and supply. There is still a high demand for crude oil yet some of the largest suppliers have been reducing output to maintain their profits.

Ten tips to save money on petrol

Before you rush out to scrap your 4×4 and buy an ultra-ecomonical car, take a look at some of the simple ideas you can use to cut down on the price of filling up your car.

How much fuel does your car use?

Do you know? Here’s a simple guide to calculate your fuel consumption:

  • Fill up your car – right to brim (but mind your shoes!)
  • Next, reset your trip to 0.
  • Drive your car until it’s on empty and then refill
  • Calculate the cost per mile by dividing your trip reading by the price you originally paid to fill up the vehicle

A point to note here; diesel fuel foams when you to fill up you tank so give it a little time to settle then carry on filling until you’re sure the tank is full. This method will give you a real indication of how much furl your car uses which is far more accurate than the figures supplied by manufacturers.

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Cheapest Petrol Price Tip no.1

For the cheapest petrol prices, don’t….

…fill your car up on a Friday!

A recent report carried out by Brendan McLoughlin of petrolprices.com suggests that a large number of petrol stations actually increase the price of fule by up to 2p on Fridays. It seems that some underhand premises are fully aware that many drivers have a tendency to fill up on a Friday in preparation for the coming weeks commute!

In other words, if you want to keep the cost of commuting by car down, try and top up your fuel earlier in the week. If this isn’t posSible, make sure you only buy what you need and avoid the garage on a Friday.Equally, where possible don’t fill your fuel tank up completely – the extra weight actually uses more fuel! The easies way to avoid being fleeced is to keep an eye on the most competitive fuel stations – simply go to petrolprices.com and enter your postcode to get a listing of nearest, and cheapest, petrol stations.

Now, to many readers 1p/2p difference in the cost of a litre of petrol might not seem much but to hardcore commuter racking up 1000’s of miles per year this can mean a significant saving on your car fuel bill.