How Much Is The New iPhone?

Worlds biggest iPhone

Tim Cook introduces biggest iPhone ever!

How much is the new iPhone 5? To buy it off the shelf without a contract will set you back £549 but how much is the new iPhone 5 really going to cost you?

The latest version of the Apples iPhone landed to much applause and fanfare a on 12th September. As usual, the official unveiling of this must have gadget was surrounded by the usual pomp and pageantry associated with everything Apple (including a very nice update to the iPod Touch… in which I may indulge). Continue reading

Geeks Show You The Way To Save Money

If geeks were money saving experts what would the world look like?

The digital age and the concept of money saving tips for the frugal aren’t easy bed mates. The march of technology is relentless. With every new giant leap there’s a price to be paid and it’s normally a heavy price. Take something as ‘simple’ as the iPhone: you can pay a painfully high tariff or stump up about £500 for a PAYG handset. Continue reading

Cheap Home Broadband | Get The Right Broadband Connection

I bought my first computer ten years ago. Way back in those dark days, the internet was a wasteland of viruses, ugly websites and connection speeds that made the prehistoric glacial movements look like a 100m sprint!

Times have moved on. High speed broadband connections, once the preserve of the well paid and universities, are common. Prices have come down. Is it worth looking for deals when most ISP’s are offering the same service for the same price? Definitely!

Here’s my guide to the cheapest broadband suppliers plus a few tips on how get the best deals.
This is a full guide to the cheapest providers, allowing you to slash costs and save £100s. Continue reading

How To Bid On eBay Without Getting Stung

A little while ago, I made some suggestions as to how you can stay safe on eBay. Today we’re going to go a little deeper and look how you should bid on eBay in order to save money.

You may well have heard the horror stories of eBay shoppers who go bid happy. Setting your maximum bid high and allowing the system to bid on your behalf is a sure fire way to lose money. After all, you trying to buy at below retail price.

So, with that thought in mind, here’s my 5 step plan on how to bid on eBay (and save yourself some money). Continue reading

eBay Scams Or How To Stay Safe On eBay

“Your eBay account has been suspended because of suspicious activity”, states the title of the email. How can that be? I don’t do anything malicious or against eBay’s terms and conditions. Don’t panic! There’s a link in the email that will let you log in and verify all of your personal information. You’ve just helped keep eBay and your account safe. Continue reading

Cheapest Smartphones On The Market

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

Quality isn’t always at the top of our list when we go mobile hunting. For most owners there’s only phrase that springs to mind when they start searching: the cheapest smartphone. 2011 has, so far, been a time for you, the shopper, to pick up some of the best deals seen in years. Most of the glitches and hardware failures (the Apple antenna shambles or Google’s ill-fated Nexus 1 handset) are well behind us. Continue reading

Free Office Software For iPad Owners

There’s no denying that, currently, the iPad rules the tablet roost. Young pretenders abound and Google Android-based competitors are the biggest threat to Apples dominance. But what about office software? There are a number of paid options out there for the iPad but who really wants to fork out money when you can get your hands on some pretty cool, free office apps? Continue reading

Cheap Broadband

How to find Cheap Broadband

At a guess, I’d say you already know what the benefits of broadband internet are so I won’t give you a long winded description; needless to say you are here looking for tips on cheap broadband. But not only cheap, you want reliable internet connectivity – I’m going to give you rundown of high speed broadband suppliers who will set you up at a minimal cost.

ADSL (broadband) is basically a very high speed way of getting the internet into your home. The technology works by converting electronic data in noise in pretty much the same way as a dial-up connection however, higher speed ADSL connections are achieved through more efficient data conversion and by using a greater frequency range. Confused? Don’t worry, the tech lesson is over…

Continue reading