5 Of The Craziest Insurance Policies Ever Seen

What are the craziest insurance policies you’ve ever seen? Bet they’re not as bonkers as these….

At some point in our lives, fate or Mother Nature likes to bowl us a left handed spinner that does a pretty good job of taking our legs out from underneath us. Fortunately, we have insurance salesmen that can deal with just about any eventuality and I really do mean any eventuality. Wether you’ve been lined up for immaculate conception or having ghosts help you shed your mortal coil there’s an insurance policy with your name on it. Continue reading

4 Insurance Scams And One Hot Chick

Life, Liberty And Some Money Losing Insurance Scams

Insurance scams are rife. From dogs with pyromaniac tendencies to dodgy excuses like, “I don’t know why I left the gas ring on and a candle burning in the kitchen”. You name it and it’s been tried.

Given the state of the global economy it’s not surprising that some people are out to make some extra money. But what depths will people stoop to? Continue reading