Saving Money On Transport When You’re Unemployed

It’s day 3 of this series of tips on what to do when you lose your job. Today we’re going to look at ways to save money on you tranport costs.

It’s getting more and more expensive to run a car even when you do have a job. It’s even harder when you’ve lost your job. Over the years, the government have run a nunber of schemes designed to help you with travel costs. The most recent, the Travel to Interview scheme is, unfortunately, now closed. Don’t despair; there are other ways get help. Continue reading

Ways To Cut Your Mobile Phone Bills When Unemployed

Sometimes, it’s fair to say, the United Kingdom lags behind some other countries. Take Frances example of handing out mobile phones to the unemployed. Yes, some people will take advantage of schemes like this but, in the main, most people are honest and will use the phones for gaining new employment.

You’re here because you want to know what, if any, benefits you can get to cover the cost using your mobile phone. I have to admit that I couldn’t find any for you. Way back in the mists of time (circa 2010) then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, announced all unemployed people would get a free mobile. Like any good idea launched by the government, this scheme was abandoned shortly afterwards. Continue reading

Unemployment Benefit Eligibility

Job Centre Plus

You’ve lost your job. The world is falling apart. It’s time to pull yourself together for the sake of yourself and your family.

Welcome to day one in our series of articles on how to cope with unemployment. Today, I’ll be giving you a whistle stop tour of the benefits you can claim. I’ll start off covering what families can claim then I’ll move onto single person’s benefits. Continue reading

What To Do When You Lose Your Job

What to do when you lose your job
Image courtesy of Steve Rhodes

This week’s series of money saving articles will be focussed on ways to cut the pain of losing your job. Being made redundant can happen to just about anyone. Unless you run your own business, you’re at the mercy of the P45-wielding, penny pinchers.

A friend of mine recently lost his job. He worked in a bank. Given the state of our country’s finances and the negative views of the banking industry it’s easy to show no sympathy. I ‘m the first to admit that I quite regularly bash the bankers.

Back up for a moment and hear me out. He wasn’t a highly paid broker earning hundreds of thousands per year. His job was in IT administration, the guys that make everything work so that the overpaid bankers can make their gargantuan bonuses. Continue reading

Save Money On An Engagement Ring With These Tips

Recently, we looked at some ways you can save money on wedding costs. Today, we’re going to take a step back and look at a few ways you can save money on an engagement ring.

Engagement rings can get expensive and I mean really expensive.

How much should an engagement ring cost?.
The general rule of thumb is about 2 – 3 times your monthly salary. Regardless of how much you get paid that’s an awful lot of money. Continue reading

Pulling Out Of A Financial Slump

Christmas is well behind you now. If you overspent during the run up to the festive season then you’re probably feeling the chilling effects of the financial ghost of Christmas past. It’s easy to fall into despair at the size of bills and repayments. It’s even easier to fall into a slump and let matters get worse. It’s time to pick yourself up off the floor and get back into the swing of things. Continue reading

Money Savers Guide To Cutting Wedding Costs

Weddings are expensive so here are some ways to save on your big day

Wedding Day Savings

I was recently invited to a friend’s wedding. The wedding has held in a beautiful location with a rather lavish banquet laid on for the guests. As a dedicated money saving blogger, I slipped the exclamation, “Wow! This must have cost a pretty penny” into the conversation. I then received an education into the ways of planning frugal wedding. Continue reading

The End Game For Your Home Business

It’s Friday and the weekend starts in a few hours! Before you slip into you party clothes and paint the town red it’s time to catch up on with final installment of this week’s series on how to start a home business.

Yesterday we looked at some free business resources but today we’re going to take it a little further. The topic for is; what next? To be more precise, we’re going to look at things you need to take into consideration if you home business turns into a full time job. Continue reading

Start Planning Your New Money Spinning Business

It’s day one of this 4 part guide on how to make money with a home grown business.

Before we start, we need to ask what makes a great business This is a personal question For some of you it might be a giant in the marketplace; a company that turns over millions a year. For others it might be a little more sedate. Maybe something that brings in enough hard cash so that you never again have to scrimp and save just to enjoy life. Regardless of your views, we’re going to spark a few ideas. Whether you turn them into a corporate giant or simply bring in a little extra money, it’s up to you. Continue reading