Better Than Cheap: Free Loft Insulation

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Insulation: he's got it!

Insulation: he's got it!

Kids love free stuff and so do adults but how much of it is actually useful? Stress relief toys and identity card holders can become an integral part of any childs game but how much of this junk do you have around the house?

Why can’t someone give you something useful, like some free loft insulation? Problem solved (and you won’t have to eBay all those free gifts to pay for it).

I’ve been doing some snooping around the internet trying to find some great bargains and today’s winning tips are courtesy of British Gas and EDF (who says the energy companies never give anything away?)

Free Insulation Isn’t Just For Pensioners

You may, or may not, know that if you’re aged over 70. And, rightly so. At a time in life when you you should be kicking back and enjoying yourself the last thing you need is the worry of finding money to keep yourself warm. You also qualify if you or any member of your family is in receipt of disability benefits.

What’s The Deal?

British Gas and EDF are both running an offer whereby customers can qualify for free loft and cavity insulation. The savings aren’t massive as you can completely insulate your home for around £400 but who needs the added expense?

How Do I Get My Free Insulation?

Both British Gas and EDF have an application process running on their websites (links at the bottom of the page). There are also qualifying dates which you’ll find further down the page. The number of eligible customers is limited so you’ll need to hurry.

What’s The Catch?

There are a few points to note:

With both companies, any existing insulation must be less than 60mm deep.

The British Gas offer is open to existing customers until 22nd December 2011.

The EDF Energy offer is open to existing customers until 31st March 2011.

You have to switch to the respective supplier to get your hands on the offer. This might seem a little drastic for some so do your research first and compare the cost of gas and electricity before you make the switch. Calculate how much you’ll save by switching supplier and then make your move.

One other thing to consider: some homes aren’t suitable for or won’t benefit from the kind of insulation that’s being offered hence the survey of your house. I have no doubt that, if you’re home isn’t suitable for the type of insulation being given away, you’ll be offered an alternative at a price. Sneaky? Probably? Worth the effort to get something for free? Definitely.

Will This Insulation Save Me Money?

If your house isn’t already insulated, this little freebie alone could save you up to £175 per year (figures courtesy of the Energy Savings Trust). Research figures supplied by British Gas show that having an energy efficient boiler and decent insulation could save up to £350.

Show Me The Freebies!

Here are the links you need to apply:

British Gas

EDF Energy.

Not a bad something for nothing, I think you’ll agree. Check back soon for money saving tips and ideas.

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