Welcome to Moneysavingzone.co.uk. This is not your average money saving website – we do everything with a twist. From controversial methods of making money to the more mundane, you name it and we’ll do it.

Who are we? We are a pair of slightly old, tired and cynical men who have nothing better to do than dig up news from the financial sector and put a new spin on it.

We have deep interest in what the banks are doing (anyone who isn’t interested must either live under a rock or be marooned on some faraway paradise) hence the rather intense focus on things like credit cards, bank rates and shady goings on in the mortgage market.

Now the boring bit: MoneySavingZone is owned and operated by KWKR Media Ltd. We have an offices in London and Buckinghamshire. We’re tight with money (hence the website) which means our work locations have minimal staffing i.e. two workers.

We don’t really make money from this site as it’s more of a hobby.

We don’t sell anything either.

We’re not interested in money for providing links to dubious websites. However, we do link to other quality websites. If you think you have something good going on why pitch us. Don’t make it too complex – throw us a guest post or simply email us with details of your site and what you’re about. We’ll do the rest.

The legal bit: we use cookies to track how you move round the site because we want to find out what you’re interested in.

Some of our posts have references to things people really have done. In most cases, really stupid things that should qualify them for the Darwin Awards. To protect the innocent (and those too stupid to realise what a mess they’re inadvertently making of their lives) we hide their real names. If you’re the head of bank that’s fleeced the taxpayer to feed your bloated stock brokers and traders we will not hide your identity.

That’s all. Any questions or ideas, send us and email: mailer@moneysavingzone.co.uk.

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