9 Of The Most Expensive Foods In the World

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wagyu cattle

Goldmine on legs!

We all know that the supermarkets use some clever psychological tricks to get us to shop. But is charging a little, old lady over £520 for her pork chops taking it too far?

You may well have heard the story of how Pam Cole was stung by her local Asda store. Due to the supermarkets cock up, Mrs Cole and her housebound husband had to survive a weekend without two pennies to rub together. On a more cheery note, Asda did refund her money. They also let her have the chops for free and presented her with a £5 voucher. Everyone’s a winner.

Ok, I’m having a little dig. I’m sure Mrs Cole was happy with her freebies. I’m also sure that Asda are happy with the positive publicity they got from this mess. But there are people out there that love to spend outrageous sums of money to sample the finest delicacies on the planet. How much do these delicacies cost? Prepare to be shocked…

The Golden Cupcake of Dubai

Rome has the Wedding Cake, India has the Taj Mahal and Dubai has the golden cupcake. Can you spot the obvious? The first are buildings whilst Dubai’s offering really is a cake that will set you back a whopping £645 (which, in some countries, is the price of a mortgage). Packed with edible gold and sugar, this culinary delight is a huge hit with rich customers. Talk about tapping into a vein of gold – genius.

Moove Over Dubai, Japanese Beef Wins Out

Homer Simpson would be in paradise. Allegedly raised on a diet of beer, Wagyu cattle are massaged daily to ensure their meat is extra tender and marbled. It could be argued that an alcohol-only diet is bad for the cows, and it is. But these bovine delicacies in waiting might just have the last laugh – the marbling consists of high levels of very unhealthy fat. How much are aficionado’s prepared to pay for furred arteries? Only about £1,600 for a single rib-eye steak!

Credit Card Busting Burger

Hubert Keller. If you’re response was, ‘Who?’ then you probably don’t know about the Fleurburger either. Keller, a highly rated French chef (why do the French churn out so many excellent chefs?) came up with idea of creating a hideously expensive burger. For about £3,200 you can tickle your taste buds with a culinary concoction of Kobe beef patty with a cube of seared foie gras, shaved black truffles and a truffle-spiked “special sauce”. Now slap it all in a brioche bun and serve with a bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus. Voila – you’re skint!

Mushroom Madness

I’ve been told on many occasions that pigs are highly intelligent animals. Sorry, but I have to disagree. If they’re so clever then why, when they strike fungal gold (truffles), do they proceed to either eat them or let the farmer steal their hard earned profits? European white truffles can sell for £2,000 a pound. If you think that’s insane then read this: one two-pound white truffle sold for over £180,000. Yeah, that’s 18 with four noughts on the end – still want to argue that pigs are intelligent?

Delicious Fish Eggs

The sturgeon is a really big fish. Correction, the sturgeon used to grow huge in the rivers of Russia and Iran. One day, someone decided to harvest the eggs from the female’s body and sell them as a delicacy. The crash in the sturgeon population has resulted in prices spiking to as high as £6,000 for 1Kg (from the Russian Beluga Sturgeon). Don’t be tempted to think you can get away with serving goldfish eggs to your well-heeled guests – apparently, it’s easy to tell the difference.

Sea Snails and Duck Feet Webbing

Not to be left behind in the food stakes, Australia boasts some impressively stupid food prices. But it’s not just the prices that make me question the sanity of some diners; it’s the ingredients. One particular Cantonese restaurant serves a mean portion of braised abalone with webbing from duck’s feet. Delicious and a drop in the ocean (sorry) at about £100 per 100 grams (or £1,000 per kilogram). Some connoisseurs call it a rare luxury. I say they’re all quackers.

Avian Phlegm On The Cheap

Have you ever had the urge to feast on succulent mix of twigs and phlegm? If so, form a queue behind about 1 billion others vying for a chance to savour birds nest soup. Made by Cave Swifts, this Asian delicacy is formed when the birds spit out a chemical compound that hardens when in comes into contact with the air. Highly prized in China, the nest is normally served in one of two ways: as a soup or dissolved in almond milk to create a sugary tasting sweet. How much is a bowl of bird snot going to cost you? Expect to pay out up to £70.

Outrageously Expensive Potatoes

What is it with the French and exquisitely expensive cuisine? The fact that this is their third outing on my list would suggest that they may have too much money to burn (although I believe Msr. Hollande may be wronging those rights). Now, let’s talk potatoes. Not your musty old King Edwards; the little beauty in question here is the “La Bonnotte”. Grown on the island of Noirmotier and fertilised with seaweed, only 100 tons of this Gaulic tuber are harvested every year. Cost to you? About €500 (I didn’t do a price conversion as the figure changes every day).

How About Some Dessert?

If you’re like me, then you really must finish off your main meal with an appetising dessert and what better way than munching through a £600 sundae? Served at Serendipity 3, Manhattan, this is the sort of dessert you’d expect to grace the dining tables of an ancient Roman Emperor. Made from 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, 23K edible gold leaf and a dash of Amedei Porceleana which, when I last checked, was one of the most expensive chocolates in the world. This is one dessert that has more pedigree than a Crufts champion.

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