5 Scariest Hotels In The UK

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For most of us, all we want out of holidays is some time to kick back and relax. Some people are made of sterner stuff and go in search of some spine tingling thrills…

Every now and then I like to find something other than money to talk about. A few days ago, a friend and I were chatting about some of the really scarey places he been to over the years and that sparked an idea for a new post…

5 of the scariest hotels in the UK.

Langham Hotel, London, England

Way back in 1865, the Langham Hotel was the first, major luxury hotel to be built in London. It became the place to be during what was a boom in the tourist injury and the hotel thrived until the WWII.

In 1940, the Langham was bombed during the Battle of Britain and, sadly, sat in ruins for about 50 years. Following its purchase by Hilton International and a £100 million refurbishment, the hotel reopened in 1991.

Since the grand reopening, the hotel has become a hot destination for ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike. Amongst the ghosts reported to make things go bump in the night is Napoleon III (who, for some reason, is confined to the cellar).

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, England

The Scottish/English rivalry goes back a very long way and Chillingham Castle was at the centre of the action. Built during Edward I’s reign, the castle was a key part of England’s defences. As you’d expect, the building has a very bloody history.

The biggest draw for ‘ectoplasmicly-fixated’ tourists are the castle dungeons. Aside for the hideous torture devices (which themselves accounted for many deaths) an awful lot of people were executed in the castle grounds. The methods of execution including being hung drawn and quartered, beheading and being burned at the stake.

Sightings of a ghostly woman searching for her husband had been reported by guests. More disturbing, some visitors claim to have heard the cries of a young boy who is reported to be buried in the castle walls.

Elvey Farm, Pluckley, Kent, UK

Elvey Farm in Kent is billed as the ultimate destination for anyone in need of seriously scary supernatural encounters. The building is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘most haunted village in England’ – and that’s good enough for me.

Amongst the other-worldy residents of the Pluckley are the wraith of Red Lady Derring, which wanders the churchyard along with a phantom white dog, and the ghost of Robert Du Bois. Just in case you didn’t know, Du Bois was a highwayman who stabbed himself to death… I think he may have got the wrong idea about his ‘career’.

It’s not only the farm that’s is the subject of ghostly goings-on: the village is rumoured to be the centre of some of the largest levels of paranormal activity in the country.

Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

This one gave me the goose bumps. Not only did I watch the TV series when I was I young lad but I’ve also been to the Jamaica Inn. Whilst I didn’t find myself pinned to the ceiling by invisible hands or forced to engage in combat with a sword wielding suit of armout the place did have an ‘unusual’ feel about it.

Being an old smugglers inn it’s hardly surprising that the spectral remains of some of Cornwall’s most wanted tread the boards hundreds of years after their deaths. Surprisingly, many of deceased bad boys weren’t sent to meet their maker by the authorities: a large number died at the hands of fellow smugglers.

If you’re feeling brave and you don’t mind having your food served by the headless turnip smuggler of Truro, the inn has 16 bedrooms, all kitted out with en – suite facilities and a four poster bed.

Castle Leslie, Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland

Set in over 1,000-acres, this five star hotel in Ireland had been owned by the Leslie family since 1665. It’s also the home of many phantoms, ghosts, ghouls, clanking chains and other noisely neighbours from the spirit world.

Most of the ghostly inhabitants are rumoured to be relatives of the Leslie family who’ve had an untimely demise.

If you’re a true ghost hunter then this 5-star luxury hotel is the one for you. Once you’re inside, you will be completely cut off from the outside world. There’s no access to phones, televisions or radios for guest.

It should come as no surprise that among the many phantoms that frequent the castle are deceased members of the Leslie family, most famously the spirit of Norman Leslie. Castle Leslie also has showers and toilets that seem to have minds of their own.

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