How Much Financial Chaos Can Tiny Bugs Cause?

When it comes to meltdowns of the global financial system we tend to want to blame the bankers, the money hoarders, etc, etc. But what if an animal could bring down the banks? How big would it have to be? Godzilla? Cloverfield? Actually, a lot smaller than you realise.

So, let’s take a walk through the microscopic hall of infamy and see which mini mischief makers could be to blame for the next round of poverty. Continue reading

4 Crazy Homes That Crazy Rich People Live In

We all know that owning an unusual home is really just part of the vanity game. Sadly, there’s a little part of our brain that gets off on the whole, ‘My house is freakier than yours’ thing. It could well be a part of how evolution helped us suck the rather cute cave girl into our seedy den of inequity. Alternatively, it may have ensured an evolutionary dead end for some of the slightly whackier, yet redundant, members of the community when they realise they just mated with the prehistoric equivalent of Amelia Dyer. Continue reading

Simple Ways to Beat Parking Fines

If you’re the type of person that pays their parking fines without question then this post really isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re determined to go out in a paper trail blaze of glory as you flip a finger to the scourge of the weekend shopper then I have just what you’re looking for.

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight: a parking ticket is not another form of tax. You get them because you’ve been very naughty boys and girls. End of lesson. Continue reading

9 Of The Most Expensive Foods In the World

wagyu cattle

Goldmine on legs!

We all know that the supermarkets use some clever psychological tricks to get us to shop. But is charging a little, old lady over £520 for her pork chops taking it too far?

You may well have heard the story of how Pam Cole was stung by her local Asda store. Due to the supermarkets cock up, Mrs Cole and her housebound husband had to survive a weekend without two pennies to rub together. On a more cheery note, Asda did refund her money. They also let her have the chops for free and presented her with a £5 voucher. Everyone’s a winner.

Ok, I’m having a little dig. I’m sure Mrs Cole was happy with her freebies. I’m also sure that Asda are happy with the positive publicity they got from this mess. But there are people out there that love to spend outrageous sums of money to sample the finest delicacies on the planet. How much do these delicacies cost? Prepare to be shocked… Continue reading

11 Simple Money Saving Tips For Students

Unless you’ve got a master’s degree in ducking and diving, making your way through university can be expensive. Time to take a few extra lessons in how to save money.

11. Don’t Pay Your Tuition Fees

Let me rephrase that: don’t pay your tuition fees upfront. There are salary thresholds that need to broken before you have to repay your student loans. Many university graduates fail to reach this threshold which means they won’t have to make a repayment on their debts. Any debts that haven’t been repaid after 30 years can be written off. Continue reading

How To Boost Your Pension

Do you fear a future filled with uncertainy and doubt? One where you have to scrape and scrimp for every day of your fast waning life? It’s time to stop worrying and start working to ensure you retirement is going to be more comfortable that the doomsayers pridict.

Before we start, I have to admit that a lot of research time was spent putting this post together. You see, for me, the problem is that there’s an awful lot of advice out there telling how to make your retirement comfortable but all of it comes from people that want to sell you something. Continue reading

5 Scariest Hotels In The UK

For most of us, all we want out of holidays is some time to kick back and relax. Some people are made of sterner stuff and go in search of some spine tingling thrills…

Every now and then I like to find something other than money to talk about. A few days ago, a friend and I were chatting about some of the really scarey places he been to over the years and that sparked an idea for a new post… Continue reading

How To Add £80,000 To Your Pension Fund

Could your spending habits be killing your retirement dreams?

Ok, killing your retirement dreams is quite harsh so you can stop agonising. But, according to an article on, everyday people like you and I are burning a massive hole in our monthly budgets.

An interesting post by Rosie Murray-West, financial blogger for the news site, suggests that we’re wasting about £80,000 over the course of our lives. Where does the money go? Here’s a quick rundown of how we waste our money: Continue reading

5 Of The Craziest Insurance Policies Ever Seen

What are the craziest insurance policies you’ve ever seen? Bet they’re not as bonkers as these….

At some point in our lives, fate or Mother Nature likes to bowl us a left handed spinner that does a pretty good job of taking our legs out from underneath us. Fortunately, we have insurance salesmen that can deal with just about any eventuality and I really do mean any eventuality. Wether you’ve been lined up for immaculate conception or having ghosts help you shed your mortal coil there’s an insurance policy with your name on it. Continue reading